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You Either Get It, Or You Don’t

You Either Get It, Or You Don’t


If you get it, then get on with it, if you don’t then find out how. There are a lot of things in life that we ‘have’ to do.

We all know what they are, responsibilities to those we love, sometimes to those we don’t so much, but don’t have a choice, we have obligations to ourself, which all to often get put on the back burner, because of the mentality, our emotional needs should come last.

There is our leadership and duties at our work place, fridges that need filling so we can eat, the lawn to cut, and the car to clean, the list goes on and on, a little like the Great Charter of Liberties.

One very important detail about ourself that we pay little or no attention to, is the part of us that happens to be the most crucial and essential component of all, our Spirit. We may pride ourself in the way we take such excellent care of our physical body.

Grooming our hair with all of the latest products, trimming up the nails with fancy colours and sticky designs and wearing all of the latest and greatest fashions and accessory’s. All great stuff, but what about the presence of who we are, the part that resides beyond all of the external mumbo jumbo?

What about the nonphysical part of you that is the seat of all your emotions, the essence beyond the Ego, the vital life force energy that is often so misunderstood, or worse, not understood at all, what about ‘you’, the true and authentic you?

When will you get to know You if it is not now? Sure make a silent promise to yourself and say I will ‘get right to me’ in a month or so, when things settle down, but will you? When will taking care of your Spirit be a priority?

If the commitment doesn’t come from yourself, then there is one thing I know for sure, when you least expect it, the Universe will nudge you instead.