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There Ain’t No Place Like Home!

There Ain’t No Place Like Home!


Birds, animals and humans have been migrating from far and wide since the conception of time.

There’s a whole world out there waiting to be discovered and explored, where are your wings are they rusty and corroded or polished and ready to fly?

Home is where we are meant to flourish, strengthen our spirit and feel root-fully grounded, this concept isn’t necessarily achieved with the feeling of permanency in our place of residence, the abode which provides us with an address, home is where the heart resides which may be in a variety of places.

Perhaps it should be a necessary part of life’s process, experiencing something other than what gives us a sense of security, I do believe travelling takes us out of our comfort zone in ways which truly enhances a deep part of the Soul.

Birds chirp happily wherever they build their nests, what does it matter which tree provides the daily necessities so long as happiness abounds.

Wherever it is you decide to hang your chapeau there is no doubt it will find you appreciating the diversity of our earthly sphere.

Home is where the heart is and I do believe this is true and whats amazing about the human heart is it can be split emotionally in many different ways supporting diversity for numerous cultures.

There ain’t no place like home I agree but home doesn’t have to be about bricks and mortar maybe it’s more about what you feel inside that matters most about where you plant your roots.

Everywhere we end up, even if it’s only for a short period of time, is exactly where we are meant to be at the time. 

Much love and devotion