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The Truth of our Existence

The Truth of our Existence


What is the word ‘truth’? Which would also lead us the another question, what is it to be completely honest?

Although it can be expressed and examined in many different ways, the truth is, it has only one meaning.

Putting our trust in someone else, is one of the most difficult task that we are challenged with in our life. But above all, trusting ones ‘Self’ is the most ultimate lesson and takes the most considerable amount of courage.

We humans pride ourselves on the concept that we are sincere and verifiably factual in everything that we do. After all it is the very principal of what we have been conditioned to believe about ourselves.

Do not tell a lie or you will be punished, so in fact what we learn to do over time is stretch the truth so no one gets hurt! Eventually what happens is we then tend to loose sight of what in reality is really the truth of any of it, life in general sort of speak.

Even when we say we are sincere, we are not! When you ask someone to ‘keep it to themselves’, they can’t and they won’t, it is just not human nature to do so. Even the gospel truth can mean pretty much nothing to a lot of people.

When someone mentions these words to you ’as a matter of fact’, turn around and run for the hills, because the fact of the matter is, there is no truth going to be told. There is hope, and that hope comes from deep inside of our Being. The place where our Soul resides and in actuality the definite location of where the best truth in the world can be found.

Truth will always be spoken from that place within us, you will never have to doubt that it comes second or third hand. The absolute truth of life are those little whispers that we feel in our gut to help us on our path.

If what you are hearing doesn’t come from that place, I would question its validity if I were you. 

There are very few people, places and things we can truly trust in this world, but without a doubt ‘you’ are one of them.

Honour the spirit that lives inside of you, trust that it is on your side, always!