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Tears of Joy

Tears of Joy


Crying is the most healthiest activity we can engage in.

Emotional experiences are held and stay trapped in the cells of our physical body. It is important to understand that each emotional memory is energy that we keep confined inside of our being.

Crying releases stored energy, blocked power that can and will make us unwell. Every negative impression is stored in parts of our bodies that can cause us dis-ease. These negative recollections need to be released, they are not only harmful to our physical well being but also our mental wellness. Life is not about what happens to us.

We are here to journey. Some of us will have a tougher go of it than others. It is what it is. How we react and deal with our circumstances may determine what our cells choose to hold on to, or not.
The power of our mind can be instantaneous. We can instantly be angry or we can be quickly be happy and joyful. All of this power is within our mind. We must learn how to tame our Ego.

Hiding fear is what keeps unwanted energy trapped, revealing our fears sets us free. Don’t resist your feelings – face them! It is important to connect to those deep rooted emotions inside of you, the ones that you are carrying around in the cells of your body.

Weep when you need to, don’t deny yourself. Crying is the most natural, most beautiful tool that allows us positive health and wellness – inside and out!