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Sometimes Life Is A Female Dog

Sometimes Life Is A Female Dog


Somedays we have to grumble, there is just no way around it. If we didn’t do a little complaining now and again that lump that settles in our throat, would surely clog up our air way and we would be unable to breath.

I wouldn’t make whining what you do for a living, but there is no way of avoiding having a little solo grouch party with yourself occasionally, life tends to lead us in that direction periodically, whether we like it or not.

Heck, don’t beat yourself up if you have a patch of the ‘life’s a bitch’ attitude, remember you are only a humanoid.

The mounting pressures in our everyday life tends to catch up with us from time to time, so if you find yourself throwing your arms up in the air and yelling profanity at the sky, good for you.

Better to let it loose than to keep it bottled up inside. Our ego loves to make us gripe and complain, and if your energy is low and you are feeling a little vulnerable, it makes it easy to just give in to our ego and indulge in some inner moaning and groaning.

Physically it is much better to get it over with and release the anguish than let it fester and gnaw away at your insides like a dirty infected wound.

Intermittently and perhaps without warning there comes a moment when there is a definite need to take a day off from being your all spiritual self and just surrender to the overwhelm.

Anyone of us can find it difficult to be a warrior every single day, honestly it’s not possible. So let yourself walk around or lay around the choice is yours, and occasionally have a talk with yourself, choose a few words that aren’t really refined and cultivated, they are in the dictionary after all for us to use.

As long as you can keep your mumbling and grumbling contained and not perturb and disturb anyone else, then grant yourself a bitchy day once in a blue moon.

If for some crazy notion you feel like you need permission to be a grump, then by all means you have my consent (wink), go ahead, find a quiet place where you can let your inner jerk have a party, just don’t let it carry on for too long, get over it and move on, as they say!