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Self-Interested Souls

Self-Interested Souls


Who are they, these Self-interested Souls that we hear about, and why is it so important to recognize them when they show up in our life.

There are some humans that just don’t share the same emotions in regards to empathy, respect and humility as you and I, it’s just the way it is on this planet.

I don’t believe it is a matter of ‘just getting used to it’, as much as it is about how we as individuals can educate and caution ourselves, when it comes to people that have most or all of their self interest in mind, instead of a humble regard for all of man-kind and Earth as a whole.

There is something we know as a fact, each and every one of us has an Ego. Our minds are full of stuff, some of which assists us in our everyday life, but a good portion clogs our intellect with judgements that we inherited from other sources, that don’t fair us well at all.

There are persons, and if you are reading this blog likely you are one, who has a mind that enables you to be aware of the world, your experiences to think and to feel and to be conscious of your thoughts and behaviours in it.

In other words you are aware of your Ego, therefore most of the time you are cautiously aware of the dangers that ‘thinking’ can cause and create for you.

This cautionary behaviour, being aware of your Ego keeps you identified and away from drama, and more in the heart space of compassion and empathy.

Those humans that are egocentric, in other words self-seeking, do not share the same consciousness in regards to their Ego, their Ego’s are full of stuff as well, but the difference is they live a life based entirely on that stuff, and they thrive constantly to fill it up with more stuff as a means for them to feel good.

Now if these self-centred people have no conscious relationship with their Ego, they are not aware that their Ego is what has command over them, they also have no idea at all how to tap into other sources within them Selves, they are unaware or often don’t believe there is a Soul.

It is not to say that we are ‘good’ and they are ‘bad’, I believe it is more about recognizing who self-interested people are, so we can be well protected and cautionary around them, whom ever they may be.

No one, not you or I want to be taken advantage of by anyone, it isn’t a nice thing to happen and can leave damaging wounds that make take years to heal.

As kids we were taught how to keep ourselves safe, don’t talk to strangers, look both ways before you cross the road, and use the buddy system when going out at night, but no one thought to warn us about people who might abuse us in vain and conceited ways.

Learn about how the Ego works, so you have a better understanding of your Self, and a deeper knowledge of intuition, a reliable source you can indeed trust.