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I Love You, But

I Love You, But


Each of us has our own description of what love is. What it means to us, how it makes us feel, our hearts are filled with memories of love.

We search for love, we find it, at times it can break us in two, and then there are moments when it fills us up with its deep warmth and affection.

Love is sought after more than anything else on this earth. Love is like the most precious of gems yet to be discovered.

We know it’s there, but deeply hidden away, waiting for the perfect moment to appear, like a knight in shining armour prancing to the rescue.

We try to guard our self so perfectly, never wanting to get hurt by the ones we love. But, it sometimes never works out that way, there is always a crack in the foundation somewhere. When promises of love are broken, the wound is raw, deep and regardless of what we use to heal ourselves, it takes longer than another injury imaginable.

Love hurts more than anything else. The fear of loosing love can keep us trapped, like a caged bird would sing, only without the sound. And yet often love allows us the freedom within our self to soar like an eagle, on top of a mountain we might climb, only to scream to the world that we are ‘in love’. Love offers no boundaries, there is no limitations to the attachment.

One minute we are grieving in the worst possible way, and then in a breath, love can carry us away on a cloud of ecstasy. 

One moment a hostage, and then in a blink of an eye love allows us the power of freedom and release.

Love without resistance, do not hinder the process, for love has the greatest lesson to teach us, there is no other emotion that will open up your Soul in a way that can liberate and enlighten you as a human being.