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Doing What Is Right For You

Doing What Is Right For You


Doing what is right might not necessarily feel the most comfortable, actually, I can pretty much guarantee that it will sting a little the first few times, but over time the uncomfortableness will go away and doing what you know is the right thing to do will come to you as naturally as breathing air into your lungs. 

When your intuition speaks the loudest and you can’t ignore the message that comes through you know you have elevated your internal energies and cast off some old behaviour which hadn’t served your Soul much at all. 

Stepping into the light when others see only negative darkness is difficult when other people have relied upon you to fill some empty space in them for a very long time. is a conditioned behaviour you have taken very seriously, but when the time comes for you to clear the darkness and make way for higher understanding, it is the right thing to do for all. 

Although you may fully grasp the lesson from the Universe, the other person may be completely unaware, what you must remember is you are not responsible for anyone else’s growth or awareness, when you do what is right you are gifting the other person an opportunity to see the light also, this is your responsibility to your Soul Contract with the one involved. 

Doing what is right may be frowned upon by many, a lot of people may engage their Ego’s and gossip about what you have done, let them, they are the ones stuck in darkness, you can’t assist those who’s Ego’s are hungry for drama. 

Doing what is right is your way out of what has had a hold of you for a very long time, it is your path to happiness and peace. When we engage in old behavioural habits with other people, we stayed glued steadfast in the chair of resentment and anger. 

These kinds of behaviours only end up killing our Spirit and robbing our physical body of good health. 

When your intuition feels strongly about something, follow-through, even if it causes you some discomfort. Allow the uncomfortableness to pass through you, and it will give it a little time. 

The outcome of your decision will be a reward for everyone, new seeds will be planted for the good of the world. 

Much love and devotion