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Buddha Said


Buddha said, ‘it is ok to stand alone and there is no need to feel afraid if you know you have to remove those from your life who do not appreciate, love, respect and honour your Soul’!

Being lonely isn’t anything to be fearful of, loneliness is only defined by our Ego mind, our Ego says because of our situation, ‘you must be lonely’. 

This is not true, we do not have to feel lonely simply because we feel alone.

Loneliness is a part of the Spiritual Path, there will be times when your state of consciousness feels like a lonely place to be.

I personally have seen this state of mind as an opportunity to recognize how far I have come on my journey to self-realization. 

I have also viewed it as a turning point in my life, a time when the newness has arrived. 

Throughout your spiritual awakening there will be many stages of growth, each time you break down and free yourself from the inherited confines of your Soul, you will recognize how much you are changing, how much your life is shifting. Yes, this can be a lonely place sometimes, but it does not have to mean you are alone in the World, you are not!

New members of your Tribe will appear, people who you will resonate with your vibration of consciousness, these are the people who will now support you in what you know to be your truth.