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I go to my Reiki lessons with Ann. I must say everything about her is incredible, in the short time I have been going there I feel more from life. It’s a great experience as soon as you pull into the driveway. the energy from her and the surroundings is such a great experience.  She is a wonderful healer, mentor, teacher, friend and a great spirited person. I would recommend Ann to anyone trying to soul search!! I plan on going as long as I can.  Thank you Ann for everything!!!!!  YOU ARE AWESOME!   


I cannot speak highly enough of the experiences I have had at Annanda due to Ann’s expertise. The yoga advice and instruction have been extremely helpful in my surgery recovery and general well being. The reiki sessions I have had with Ann have been both amazing and enlightening. I have come away each time with a wonderful feeling of peace, relaxation and connection with not only my own soul but the souls of others surrounding me. Ann does a fantastic job of sharing her great gift of teaching and encouraging in the most kindest way possible whether it be through yoga or reiki.


I have been attending Yoga and Reiki sessions with Ann for a few years now. She is not only an excellent  yoga teacher but also a very special and caring person.   With her guidance  and encouragement through my Reiki sessions, I have managed to regain my health. The serenity is felt in her working environment. I only have praise for Ann’s devotion to her work.


I believe that people come into our lives to teach us,  sometimes good, sometimes not so good but valuable lessons to grow and become stronger and better people.  The ones that come into your life unconditionally are the most rewarding and the lessons we learn and appreciate from the very few that have is incredible.  That brings me to my friendship with Ann 🙂 going back approximately 25 years I worked with this very sweet and lovely person whom I knew would be someone I would always care about and hopefully we would have contact over the years.  Thankfully we did.  Even though we did not visit each other or spend one on one time as most friends do, we did always have this incredible connection.  I was so happy when I learned that Ann had opened her Annanda Healing and was so lucky to enjoy and benefit from her Yoga class.  I cannot express how much I enjoy and how Ann commits to what poses are best for my body.  I would miss my classes with Ann for many reasons personally and physically if I were unable to attend.   Thank you  Ann and I am in Awe of  your wisdom and caring and beautiful spirit.  Hugs and kisses, B.


Ann has a gentle, intuitive and supportive nature.  After a few reiki sessions, I gained a new approach to a healthier and happier way to manage my life, and myself.  Ann has taught me how to be more forgiving, patient and compassionate.  Reiki will help you find peace, truth, and respect.


I have struggled with anxiety and depression for many years and when I came across “Annanda Healing Place” I thought it was worth a try.  From the very first Intuitive Reiki session I felt like my eyes had been opened to the reasons why I had been struggling throughout my life.  Ann has a true gift of insight into our souls and connection with the universe.  She has given me valuable tools to use in the difficult times and how to realign myself with my life’s path.  “Annanda Healing Place” will continue to be an important part of my life.