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Who Has a Hold on the Expansion of Your Soul?

Who Has a Hold on the Expansion of Your Soul?


Ask yourself this question, is there anyone in my life that is not supporting my spiritual growth? All of the people currently in your life, in this moment are members of your Soul Family, each person is in part a substructure of your Tribe.

What exactly does this mean? It actually means a great deal, each person in your life, past present and future all play a purposeful role in how much you are able to enlighten your Soul in this life time.

Lets focus on the present, because what is taking place in your daily experience in this current duration, is the most important to you, I’m sure.

Every human being, whether your relationship with a person might be as intimate as your partner, or as unessential as your next door neighbour, each person has something very important to teach you.

The lessons are in their behaviours, conversations and actions towards you and your quest is to pay particular attention to how you react or don’t react when you are in their company or simply around them.

Lets say for example, that you have a friend, a great buddy that you have known for many a year. He or She is a companion that you have a long history with and you are loyal to your friendship with them.

What if you started to intuitively notice that this so called friend was a little sarcastic towards you when the opportunity arose! The more you pay closer attention to this person, the more you begin to notice that when she/he is hanging around, they are really beginning to annoy you.

Actually, you suddenly realize that they have always acted this way towards you, you just never really noticed it before. Maybe you confront them to let them know how you feel about their constant bashing.

They just laugh and say something like ‘well it never bothered you before’! Perhaps you never noticed it before because emotionally you felt like you deserved to be put down, or you just kept forgiving your friend, silently making excuses for them, or maybe you really just didn’t notice their bothersome behaviours before because you were in a whole different head space back then.

You remind your friend another 3 times to stop aggravating you with their mean remarks, but all they do is continue to laugh and fluff it off. So what do you do? Think about this concept; Soul Contracts we made with people before we came to this Earth, can, do and will expire.

The expiration date will have your signature on it, because you are the one that noticed something didn’t ‘feel’ right anymore. If you are spiritually growing, expanding and elevating and that other someone is not, then more often than not it is time to move on.

If we keep clinging to people in our lives for whatever reason (usually fear), and we have nothing else to learn from them, we are filling up valuable space that won’t allow for someone else new to show up.

If we don’t clean out our closet of life and part with the stuff that really doesn’t fit any longer, then we won’t have any room for some really great impressive new stuff that is waiting to arrive.

If there is someone in your life, whomever they are, and they are not supporting the light of your Soul, if they are not enabling you to move towards your hopes, dreams and desires then entrust in the intelligence of your Soul and let them go.