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When is Enough Already too Much?

When is Enough Already too Much?


How do we measure what we give away, in a healthy way? How do we balance the scales between what we give and what we keep? These are two very good questions, especially for those of us who are generous to the extreme.

This has nothing to do with money or what is left in our bank account, this has everything to do with how we deplete ourselves emotionally. People who automatically and systematically relinquish a piece of themselves without actually recognizing the impact it is having on their Spirit, are what I like to call ’Radical Warriors’.

For one to do such a thing that is so far-reaching and with such profound effects has a very important place in this World. Compassion is a blessing with a doubt, but only so if we learn to bless ourselves as well. An Empath is a person who connects to the very tenderness and sensitivity of another Souls energy.

An empathetic person concerns deeply for the suffering of others, so much so that often this innate sympathy turns inward and someone else’s suffering then becomes their own. We all come into this life experience with a bucket load of ‘stuff’. There is work to be done and most of what we must accomplish for the good of our Soul while we are here, is sticky. Everyone’s journey is unique, no two people will journey exactly alike.

There may be similar circumstance with one or two people in your life, those who you feel the most close to, but your Soul belongs to you and it comes with a distinct energy. Empathetic people are no exception. We may have mastered compassion and a sensitivity for humanity but we too have a Soul with work to do. What inner force compels us to give away too much?

What wound are we trying to heal, when we know that what we give is already more than enough? To be a Radical Warrior is a beautiful thing, but an experienced and valiant soldier also learns how to protect himself as well.

There is nothing a warrior won’t endure to be gallant and unafraid to sacrifice, but the real challenge and lesson is to learn how to tip the scales so they are even. Never deny your empathetic beautifulness, it certainly is a treasure to behold, never let anyone stomp or extinguish the pure light of who you are.

But remember that anything you give of yourself that is already too much is not for the betterment of your Soul.