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Vibrate In Your Awakened Consciousness

Vibrate In Your Awakened Consciousness


How do we know when we are becoming conscious? And when we achieve a higher degree of consciousness, how do we maintain this high vibration without it being sabotaged by our Ego?

Two really good questions, and ones that provoke us perhaps to think beyond the surface of our logic. Conscious awareness is vitally important to the expansion of our true nature, which is the divine connection to our Soul.

Once we become alert to the deliberate intention of our Ego’s pull to negative thinking, we are in fact already becoming more conscious of it’s actions, and therefore better equipped to respond to it’s calculated efforts.

Our Ego does nothing more than constantly remind us of our conditioned past, and therefore usually has nothing positive to say, not about ourself, or anything else. Being able to notice this nasty voice from our mind and catch it when it begins to create a drama story, is the key to maintaining your higher vibrational energy,.

Once you are able to recognize the Egos only desire is only to maintain the status quo, and it’s intention is to keep you living your life in a constant state of fear, you are already becoming more consciously aware. It is not an easy task to continually be on guard to the will of our Ego, it can be exhausting constantly battling the mouthpiece in our head that never seems to shut up.

Over time and as you become more and more conscious and familiar with the story line the Ego likes to script, the less attention you will pay to the dialogue and text of the script. The less attention you pay to the negative thoughts, or drama, then the less power you are giving to your Ego and the less loud it will become.

We must also understand that the Ego isn’t all bad, there is a use for it’s negativity and we must adhere to it’s warnings when a situation or circumstance arises for us to pay caution. The ‘fight or flight’ response our Ego gives us when we are in danger is separate from the gut feelings we get our Soul.

It is important to know the difference between the two voices for many valuable reasons. Becoming conscious is a process and one that requires us to practice patience, all good things come to those who wait, so do not be hard on yourself if the task of conscious awareness does not come to you overnight.

It is however a battle worth fighting, the evolution of your Soul depends on the Warrior in you.