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Tidal Wave of Emotions

Tidal Wave of Emotions


Certain times in our life, perhaps for some more than others, we are suddenly hit with a tidal wave of emotions. Emotions that can leave us feeling like we are drowning and gasping for air, kicking and crying trying to hold on, we reach for whatever we can clutch in our grasp.

It may be a sudden event, a circumstance or situation or something as simple as a full moon, whatever it is, it hits us like a tsunami and there is no where to run. The only thing we can do is either support ourself and face the wave or hold our breath with the hopes we don’t pass out.

Either way sucks and we know it won’t be easy, trying to keep afloat of the tight grip our emotions are having on us. Trying to keep our feet on the ground at times is difficult enough, never mind trying to make sense of all this spiritual grounding stuff that is often talked about.

What is life but a series of choices, upsets and stress levels that sometimes reach far beyond the roof! This is true, life is tough at times, but life is so much more than how we take it for granted. Life is meant to be more than what you are experiencing when the waves hit hard, it is about spiritual grounding and when you let go and ride the waves rather than resist them, you don’t have to gasp for air or frantically clasp onto anything or anyone but yourself.

The air can get heavy now and again, the planets in the sky don’t help, but if you can entertain and embrace that everything is a gift to us, then you will see how easy it is to calm the waves of emotion that cause you the upset. Instead of fighting what arises within you, work with it instead.

I make it sound easy, it isn’t but it doesn’t have to be difficult either.

Everything that we ‘feel’ is something that needs our attention. When we allow ourselves to feel what is there on the surface, we are and perhaps unknowingly feeling what is deep within us, wounds that are waiting and longing to heal.

Those same wounds are what keep us imprisoned in our unhappiness, frustration and emotional tidal waves. To feel incarcerated and continuously trapped inside of our ‘stuff’ will make you feel, every now and again like you are drowning.

Please, and I say this with love, learn how to ride the waves instead of always looking for the life boat that never shows us, face your fears and get started on your Soul Work, all the tools are there for you neatly tucked away ready to be used, look ‘inside’.