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Things That Go Bump in the Night

Things That Go Bump in the Night


What happens to us when our Ego gets hungry? What effect does it have on our physical, emotional and mental body? Just like any form of animal species, when our mind is hungry it will attack us when we are vulnerable.

Often when we are over tired, pushing our selves to the limits, our Ego will strike. When the moon phase is new or full our emotional state is much more elevated, this gives our Mind the opportunity to nourish itself relentlessly.

Tis the season to be jolly but family times often entice our Ego’s, giving it so much to feed on. At certain times of the year the Ego attacks the same way a ravenous lion would in a herd of wilder beasts. You may feel like you have been taken off guard, all of a sudden you are feeling low and you are wondering what is triggering this uneasy judgment.

Somehow you become aware of a consciousness within you that you hadn’t noticed before. You can’t sleep, food doesn’t taste like it should and your palms often get a little sweaty. Something happens to you’re breathing, it is as though you are being secretly watched your heart begins to beat a little faster now and again.

How do we begin to take control of an Ego that is starving and malnourished, how do we put a stop to the hungry beast that resides in our head? There is no place to run to, there is no way of eluding or getting free from our Ego.

Where ever we are it comes with us. The key is learning how to give your Soul space away from your Mind. Understanding the difference between who we really are, and who we are not is the key. We are not the hungry creature that stalks us when we aren’t looking.

The true essence of who we are is our intuitive nature. The feelings inside of ourselves that lets us know everything is ok. We can’t out run our Ego but we can realize with firm belief in the truth of who we are. With certainty, trust that you have the emotional strength to fight off the thoughts in your Mind.

The Mind creates drama, drama is not real, the reality of what you are habitually thinking is not alive. None of what your Ego wants you to believe is the truth. Our Mind is the biggest lier and therefore cannot be trusted. Why would you believe what you cannot trust?

The Egos work is to bring you down and gobble you up for dinner. Our Ego does not like the concept of change. Change to our Ego represents powerlessness.

This is why our Mind is constantly hungry, constantly looking for ways to keep us trapped in our negative thought patterns, at all cost it must evade us from making changes in our life.

Don’t get caught up in the drama that is playing out in your head. Take a deep, deep breath and say ‘no’, not this time Ego.

Know that you are the power, you are the force, and you will not be brought down by you’re Egos mental state of Mind.