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The Secret Clues in Our Dreams

The Secret Clues in Our Dreams


Like the key that opens the door to the treasures of pandora’s box, our dreams open the door to our Souls healing.

As we lay asleep at night what magical mysteries are unfolding behind our eyes! What are the hidden messages that play out while we are tucked away so cozy in our beds.

The sky’s are dark and our world is quiet, but beneath our eye lids there is a movie playing in our mind, a kaleidoscope of scenes that often wake us up sweating and confused.

Perhaps your motion picture casts characters that are known to you, familiar faces of people from your waking life, and others from the land of Spirit. Noted territory with recognizable landscapes, towns, homes and scenery, your dreams are panoramic and seem so incredibly real.

Maybe you ask yourself when you wake up, ‘was that real? Or maybe you startle yourself and whisper ’Where I went last night in my dream, I feel like I’ve been there before’!

The intensity of our dreams can leave us anxious or even spooked for days. Reasonably the biggest question might be, ‘why do we dream at all?’ Maybe the answers to the movies that play out in our sleep, aren’t as much about guesswork as you might think.

Inside of us, from the day we are born we protect an incredible energy. This fascinating and often intense life force power within us is called our Soul. Our Soul is constantly nudging, poking and pestering us to pay attention to what needs our loving consideration, in order to heal.

When we sleep we are less vulnerable to our mind thoughts and all of what the Ego tries very hard to keep us trapped in.

In our dream state we are more conscious and therefore less vulnerable to our fears. When we are consciously aware, even though we are not awake, the Soul sees this as an opportunity to speak with you.

Therefore an incredible silent movie begins to play behind our closed eyes to help us along our spiritual path. People, places and things appear. our task is to piece together the puzzle of the plot, when we wake up. 

Gift yourself a ‘Dream Diary’ and leave it on your night table and before you get out of bed in the morning, scribble what you remember about the motion picture you were a part of the night before.

The secret clues in your dream hold the key to the future you have often dreamed about by day.