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The Glow of an Indigo

The Glow of an Indigo


Everything is energy, it is all around us and it makes up everything that we are. Physically we are energy, emotionally, mentally and spiritually we are an abundance of energy as well. There is nothing about us that isn’t made up of energy.

There is an energy around us however that is very different from whom we would consider the norm. And this energy is that of an Indigo Person. Indigo’s are here for a very special purpose, and that purpose is to provoke change in our World.

There is something about the presence of Indigo vitality, they have a certain charisma that sets them off from everyone else. There is a depth of wisdom and knowledge within them that obscures even the highly educated. They can be quiet and unassuming, but then they have an aura of an ancient worrier-sage about them as well.

Their wise old eyes see right into your Soul. You cannot lie to them, they will very easily strip you of your dishonesty. Indigos are extremely sensitive, highly creative, are gifted in certain area’s, perhaps such as math (but then can hate and do poorly in reading), they prize honesty above all else and often they feel equal to authority.

Indigo’s are stubborn beyond stubborn, so when they refuse to do certain things there is no changing their minds, they are extremely strong willed. They may be prone to ‘feeling down’, have high sensitivity to smells, sounds, touch and sights. They have a very sharp and reliable intuition, Indigo’s tend to leave things incomplete and they loose interest very fast in something that no longer captures their interest.

Indigo’s can and will not be rushed. Indigo’s love to have their alone time, and they often get hooked on things and can’t let go. They are very independent at times, but then can be clingy at other times as well. Indigo’s seek meaningful, sincere and significant friendships.

The very worse thing you say to an Indigo is ‘you are too sensitive’. Sensitive is all they know because an Indigo person – child or adult, has such a unique connection to the energetic vibrations of everything around them. If someone they know is feeling sad, then an Indigo can feel that sadness on a deeper level than the person that is actually sad. It is not easy being an Indigo, but they chose to come back here to make a difference.

With all of their incredibly volatile but warrior traits they are on this Earth to accelerate development in a World that needs change. If you think you are an Indigo person, or you know someone who might be, please take steps that will help you to understand that you or they are not a freak of this Earth, but actually someone very special.

Indigo’s are so misunderstood. Indigo’s have such a pristine intuitive nature. They are sensitive beyond sensitive, but their sensitivities are the very reason they are remarkable.

If you believe that you have an Indigo Child, it is very important that you nurture them in a way that will teach them how to better protect their energies, direct them, and enhance them for joyful living into their future. You have to be a catalyst for your child’s growth.

Let them teach you how to be a Warrior too.