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That Moment of Truth

That Moment of Truth


Becoming spiritual means adopting a whole new way of thinking.

A commitment to ‘Self’ must be honoured and adhered to. It has nothing to do with becoming selfish as some would argue, it has everything to do with practicing the art of self care.

If you can’t at this present time say ‘I love who I am’, then perhaps it is time to become aware of what it means to be a little unearthly.

Spirituality gives some people a sense of ‘weird’. Anything that isn’t considered the norm, often people will get skittish and uncomfortable.

Putting aside what other people think is one of the first steps, to becoming a little more tuned in to the inner and becoming less attached to the external. Who cares what anyone else thinks of me, because in all honesty people are going to talk regardless of what it is I am doing.

Gossip is a total energy killer, and I am sure you will agree – a complete waste of precious time.

How does your mind need to be adjusted? Are you so caught up in your ‘stuff’ that you have neglectfully forgotten how to live?

When was the last time you felt pure natural joy? The merriment sensation of liveliness that makes your insides swell, and your eyes fill with tears, thats the kind of joy I am talking about.

When you are completely in the moment of indulgence, and momentarily separate from your mind, comes the unique gift of knowing you are more than your obsessive thoughts.

When you are able to experience delightful elation coming from your inner spirit, you can be fully certain that you in fact are alive and well.

We all want to consider ourselves as a good person, but what we neglect to assimilate is that being good at anything takes a lot of hard work. Becoming the best we can be as a human being is no exception to this rule.

How do you define truth? What does your truth look like? Where is it you need to get to work, so you can stop misinterpreting the great potential that is hiding out inside of you?

There is nothing wrong with wanting to aspire to become the best that you can be, against all odds, and who cares what anyone else has to say about it, that’s their shit.