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Spare Yourself



Forgiveness is a process.

Actually I have come to understand that everything that matters to our Soul is a process.

There is no written agenda, nor is there a manual, the process depends solely on ourselves.

Our actions, our decisions and how much we decide to participate in this process depends on the results we wish to achieve.

We must be an active participant in the process of our Soul’s evolution, this is vital.

There is no other way to get the ‘work’ done.

Shifting the responsibility onto someone else is not reliable.

No one else is accountable for the cause of our suffering.

What if you made choices before you were born?

What if you picked who your parents would be?

You made decisions about who would be your partner and what if you also included everyone else that has passed through your life so far in this choice, what if you made these decisions before you came into this life?

Could you agree that all of these people are on your ‘Life Lesson’ list for a very good reason?

Each one of these relationships plays an intricate role in what your Soul requires to learn in this lifetime.

If this is a concept that you could adopt, then how can we hold anyone else liable for our trials and tribulations, we hand picked that ‘list’ ourselves.

It would be difficult then to say ‘he did me wrong, it’s her fault’ or ‘If it wasn’t for them…’, none of that would make any sense, nor would it be dependable.

Our Soul constantly whispers to us, little messages of how to stay on our path. Quite often it will nudge at us because we have taken a wrong turn and steered off course.

If you can trust yourself enough to rely on just one thing, let it be this – everything happens for a reason.

The trust is in how you are going to interpret what the situation or circumstance is about. Look beyond the surface and make the connection at a Soul level.

Spare yourself the agony of creating drama and judgement, instead take ownership of how you are feeling and patiently, with courage resolve to heal.