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Soul Connections


It is difficult sometimes, when we struggle with friendships.

We often hold a high regard of loyalty for people we have a history with.

Friends come and they will go, it is a natural part of our Souls evolution.

I believe that every person we have a connection with in this life time, we have had some sort of relationship with that person in another life.

We make agreements with members of our ‘Soul Family’ to meet again. Agreements that aide and help us with our growth and understanding of why we have come to live out this lifetime. These people share a defended period of space with us, life time after life time.

Some of these friendships are meant to last for many years, others come just for a bit, to teach us something specific.

The difficulty lies in knowing when the time has come to part ways with some of these connections.
As Humans, we are programmed to hold onto things. Attachments to just about anything, seems to run deep in our veins.

Our Ego begins to get agitated the moment we start to ‘think’ about change.

But the truth is, holding onto a friendship, partner or even just an acquaintance can be detrimental to your Souls journey. In other words salvaging an attachment to someone out of loyalty or fear can hinder your Souls evolution, the very reason why you are here in this life experience.

If you begin to notice that your tolerance for how someone in your life behaves starts to shift a little, pay attention.

If you find yourself gossiping in your head about a certain person, ask yourself why?

If the way this other human being treats you, no longer feels good to you, ask yourself where the loyalty lies.
It might be interesting to explore the notion that perhaps your time with this person has expired. If what you both have laughed together about before, no longer holds any humour, maybe the time has come to make some changes.

The people you are meant to keep in your life, are the ones that honour your Soul. They genuinely care about ‘you’. The ones that love you and are meant to stay, respect you in every way. They don’t take advantage of who you are. They don’t drain your energy for their own benefit. They don’t talk about you behind your back and they don’t criticize you to your face.

Let these Soul connections naturally come to an end. It is ok to say ‘goodbye’ to people sometimes, even the ones we have truly loved and cherished in our past.

Perhaps it is time for you to move on. If you hold onto those that no longer serve you, you are interfering in your Souls evolution.

The very reason why you are here on this Earthly Plane.