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We all know how grossly outdated our Educational System is.

Very little is taught about life skills that would only enhance the experience of the real World once the Souls of our Youth are unleashed to find their way in a Society that is less than stable.  

Who controls what our children learn, and why are they not revising to keep up with the current century? 

It angers me that Souls who are coming here with a specific mission are being deemed, labeled, drugged and demoralized, how are they ever to assist our planet as they are meant to, how are they ever going to save us from the destruction that is plaguing our world at a rate faster than we are even aware?

These unique and gifted Souls volunteered to come to help save our Species, why are they not being recognized as such, why do those in power need to be so afraid? 

Awareness is what is needed, we all need to become more conscious so we can become empowered in ways that we have not seen in our history. 

Stay informed.