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Purpose with a Purpose

Purpose with a Purpose


There is a divinity in all of us that breathes an innate desire to discover the true purpose of why we are here, in this present life experience. We either spend our whole life searching for it, blindly or we completely block ourselves from the concept, all too caught up in the fast pace programming of who we think we are.

What was it you told your parents when they asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up? It was probably one of the most valuable questions that anyone could ask you at that time, because to allow yourself a glimpse of what your calling might be, go back to what you answered to that query. From the innocence of the child that you were, lies the mystery of what perhaps your Soul has been trying to whisper to you ever since.

What we all seem to forget as time goes on, is the belief that anything is possible, if we honestly believe that it is. We have no trouble disputing the validity of something that we strongly believe in, there is always a reason to argue our truth on the surface, but when it comes to standing up for what we feel deep inside of us, we lack the same courage.

Our Ego is not a game player, it doesn’t play by the rules and with undue resistance it will often take aggressive action to win the fight every time. These are the times when we become so conflicted with making a decision, our Soul sends us a message, and immediately our Ego gets ready for battle, suiting up with all kinds of excuses of fear to hold us back.

Many, many times we may say to ourselves, ‘I feel so stuck’. In actuality what you have done is taken a wrong turn on your path of existence, the frustration and impatience comes from deep within, your inner voice is letting you know it is time to get out the map to find your way back to where you are meant to go.

There is a simple solution, and it goes like this – speak your truth, represent your truth, live your truth and let the truth of who you are lead you to where the child in you knows where it wants to go.

There are hundreds and hundreds of day’s left for you to find your way to the very reason of why you are here.

The searching need not be to a far off land, an awarded degree or giving up all that you have, it could be as simple as turning over a rock in your own back yard, for the answers come to those who are quiet and wise enough to listen.