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It is easier said than done, for a true giving heart never has boundaries and is selfless. The key to survival of the heart, the key to keeping it emotionally healthy as well as physically healthy is to know your limits and respect them.

A broken heart is hard to repair, so take good care of it. It is the essence and core of your being. The most precious and delicate part of you, it works in coordination with your Soul, so cherish it as you only get one of each.

Setting boundaries is essential for the well being of our Inner Being. And probably the one of the most toughest tasks for us to perform. Without borders we are giving free rain to everyone and anyone to take advantage of us, in every way possible.

No boundaries is like saying out loud, ‘I’m yours for the taking’! Self preservation is your responsibility.

You can’t expect other people to know when enough is enough if you don’t give them a dividing line. The

Takers will take until there is nothing left of you. Who’s fault would that be?

Use the voice of your Soul as your guild line. Listen to what your gut feeling is telling you when it comes to certain situations and circumstances.

If you get a funny, weird, upset feeling inside of yourself, then most likely you have reached your limit with someone else’s behaviour. Put a boundary in place immediately. Because now it is up to you to change the state of the situation your in, no one else knows when ‘you’ have had enough.

There are numerous reasons why we need boundaries in our life, and there are countless ways that we can put those boundaries in place.

Each of our perimeters has a certain responsibility to us, that is why we need them.

Don’t think of your personal boundaries as constricting, that is not the case.

You can still be a ‘Free Spirit’ and take care of your Soul at the same time.

Allow your inner voice to show itself. Often we are too embarrassed to let certain thoughts show themselves, we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

But the fact of the matter is, the only person we are really hurting sometimes is ourself. Our beautiful Self, we pay the price if we don’t have proper boundaries in place to protect us.

We are taught to view the World as a sacred place, and it is, but it isn’t all good and that is why we need boundaries in our life.

Frustration is a good sign that there is an aspect of your life that is out of balance.

Have a good look at what you need to do about it.

Remember only ‘you’ can take the best care of ‘you’.

Be responsible about it, review your boundaries like you review the fire alarms in your home or living space.