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Own Your Stuff

Own Your Stuff


The real hero isn’t the person that comes flying out of the telephone booth dressed in spandex, it is the person that owns up to their mistakes. 

When we mess up, we shouldn’t put the blame somewhere else, or make excuses, we must take responsibility for our actions.

Move that blame towards change, because there is a hero hidden inside each and every one of us.

Having the courage to embrace what is hurting us inside and facing it head on, now that is a warrior!

When we stuff our skeletons deep inside of our inner closet we don’t allow room for growth and expansion.

There comes a time when the ‘tightness’ becomes too much for us to handle. This is when we start feeling over whelmed with the ‘stuff’ that doesn’t belong in our life any longer.

Doing a little spring cleaning never hurt anyone. In fact cleaning out our Inner Being of old and out dated beliefs will leave you feeling so much lighter.

Because you will create a fresh space for new experiences, new connections and certainly more abundance in your life.

Journeying through life definitely has its challenges, and most of what we might call difficult times, takes a toll on us emotionally and physically.

What it’s really all about is simply changing our minds. Getting out of that negative spinning wheel and turning our thoughts, all of them, into positive affirmations.

When you begin to engage in cleaning out your inner closet the most important factor to consider is ‘you’. Soul Work begins with focusing on yourself.

This isn’t you becoming selfish, this is about you owning your stuff, and wanting to do something about it.

That makes you MY ‘Hero’.