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Multiply by Four


Our human life consists of four aspects; the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of our existence. In order to find wholeness and fulfillment in our life, we are required to develop and understand all four of these aspects of our Self.

We need also, to heal and find balance within our Self. The physical part of our self is our physical skeleton. We must learn to take good care of our flesh and bones so we can enjoy our bodies. Our mental aspect of who we are is our mind.

Our mind can be our greatest gift, but at times can also be our greatest curse. Our mind can cause us confusion, hurt, heartache, and misunderstanding. Learning how to develop our mind so that we remain open to wisdom and knowledge from our experiences is decremental.

How we view our life’s journey is what it is all about. Having the ability to think positively is key to a calm and happy mind.

The emotional part of our Self allows us to experience life on a deep and profound level. It is the part of us that seeks meaningful relationships with other people.

The most difficult relationship is the one we have with ourselves. It is important that we find patience within our self so we can learn over time to undue what has been programmed with us, and come to a place of appreciation for who we are.
The spiritual part of us connects us the true essence of who we are. Our Soul opens the gateway to helping us understand our life from a level deeper than the surface of who we are.

Each of these four aspects of our Self are equally important. If we want to feel healthy, happy and satisfied with our life, then we must work hard to understand and respect all parts of who we are.
Healing our Self is not an easy task.

There are deep inner issues that must come to the surface so we can learn how to let them go. If our physical body is not in good health, then we must learn how to take better care of ourselves in this regard. Everyone heals in a different way. Everyone’s journey is unique, especially our path of development.

We are constantly learning, growing and evolving as time goes on. Each one of our experiences, big or small has an impact on how we view ourselves and our life.

Begin to look at the four aspects of who you are. Where is some attention needed? Are you in touch with your feelings? Do you feel a connection to the Spirit of who you are?

There is a simple and yet very gratifying way to view the World, one in which we wear rose coloured glasses or instead do you wear a blindfold over your eyes?