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Moment of the Unvarnished Truth

Moment of the Unvarnished Truth


You have been labouring away for months now, perhaps even years. Deep inner Soul work, it has taken its tole on you, it hasn’t been a smooth or untroublesome ride, but more of an exhausting and complicated journey to the remoteness past.

Visiting our antecedent heritage for the first time will arouse and awaken emotions inside of us, that most often have been long forgotten and overpowered.

Emotionally we may have be wearing a muzzle, so to kept what we don’t want to expose and deal with, a secret. It’s definitely not to be considered a holiday visiting our past, but more of an archaeological dig site to find a better way to live the future.

There is no other way to get to the truth of who we really are, without excavating our prehistory, we must explore the dirt, the muck and the grime of our ancestors, to better understand ourselves.

What negative patterns of behaviours did you willingly inherit from your parents, Grandparents and those before them? I use the sentiment willingly because you knew before hand that the challenges you have faced already, and the ones you are facing now are what you signed up for in this life experience.

None of what happens to us is just by chance or circumstance. Nothing that we have battled for, painfully endured, or relentlessly tolerated has or ever will be for no good reason, everything that has made us suffer has a meaningful purpose. Once there becomes an deeper understanding of this, you are on your way to setting yourself free.

Freedom is a beautiful thing, so it is told by those who have achieved it. But freedom doesn’t come without a price, and yet you can’t put a price on what freedom holds inside of it.

If you have been abandoning the very purpose of why you are here, if you have been sweeping your dreams, hopes and desires under the rug for longer than you care to remember, then it is time to get to work.

Get your inner tool box out, put your head lamp on and grab ahold of your shovel, it is time to get to work.

Prepare to sweat and prepare to work the hardest you ever have in your life this far, but remember without gouging into the trench’s of your Ego, you won’t and can’t get to the truth of your Soul.