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Mirror Talk (Part 2)

Mirror Talk (Part 2)


Asking ourselves what we see when we look in the mirror is an important question.

Why? Because we give so much attention to trivial matters while neglecting our limitless potential. We use tremendous amounts of energy and spend countless amounts of money on enhancing our physical appearance and give but a fraction of our time and attention to the greatness within us.

My spiritual journey began some years ago because I was given a golden opportunity to change my life.

I delved into working on realigning with the wholeness and truth of who I am.

I wanted very much to get to know the Soul inside of me that I long since forgotten.

Soul work isn’t easy, I’m not going to lie.

There will be days when you want to give up.

The truth is once you get started there is not going back. This often makes the work harder still. There might be times when you feel totally lost.

Not a great place to be at the best of times, especially so when changes are underway or have already been put in place. I have walked in those shoes so I know how it feels.

This is how I found my ‘mirror talk’, the tool that has helped me through some really tough days in the last few years.

One day I was feeling especially vacant. Very close to what an-out-of body experience feels like, if you have ever had one of those, then you know what I mean.

I felt completely detached and disconnected from the world. I didn’t want to call anyone, who would understand what I was feeling right now anyway!

I just wanted to be alone with myself.

So I walked into my bedroom and sat down in front of my full length mirror.

The reflection in my mirror began to share wisdom with me about working on my courage, about building on my self-esteem and empowering my self worth.

I cried and sobbed as I listened and watched myself talk. My Ego and my Soul faced one another that day.

They argued with each other, battling about such issues as the friends I had in my life, my family, my work and where my life was going and where it wasn’t going.

Through the tears I let out a lot of fear, anger and resentment. It was me facing me, and neither one of us was getting away easy.

When the war was over, I slowly got up from my mirror and as I walked away I realized I was a completely new person.

Conclusion tomorrow!!