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Mirror Talk (Conclusion)

Mirror Talk (Conclusion)


My first experience with my mirror was very profound. It was magically liberating and so comforting.

I was able to confront many beliefs about myself that I had been holding onto that no longer served me in my life.

But the magic came because I was able to confront those outdated beliefs on my own, I worked through them myself.

All of the tools that we need to grow and elevate our Souls are inside each and everyone of us.

We all have mirrors in our homes and living spaces.

When you are feeling alone and perhaps the entire world feels distant and everything look dark and grey, find a mirror so you can talk with Soul.

When you are feeling lost and maybe you don’t know how to share what you are feeling with anyone else, find a mirror and just be with ‘you’.

If you are scared, find a mirror because if you look deep enough into your own eyes you will see your Soul.

A Soul that is there to comfort you in your time of need. Just let the tears flow, cry, argue, yell and scream if that is what you need to do to let go.

Your Ego is in that mirror also, let your Ego and your Soul fight it out. It is your freedom, your free will, your love for yourself that you are fighting for.

You are worth the battle.
My Mirror Talk has helped me to let go of the conditioning of my mind, it has allowed me to thrive in who I am, my Authentic Self.

The person I have been looking for my whole life.

Find the courage to look in your mirror, perhaps you will see yourself as you never have before.