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Quite by surprise some years ago I began to embark on an intense spiritual journey.

This is how and why Annanda Healing Place came to be created.

One random day I was given some news that immediately set me on a course of self realization.

On that day I heard a voice inside of my head asking me a question. I didn’t recognize the voice I was hearing, all I can remember this influence asking me was this; ‘what are you going to do about this situation, are you going to choose life or death’? I recall instantly answering ‘life, I choose life’!

My journey of realigning with the wholeness within me began on that random moment back in time.

I couldn’t be happier today because of the incredible opportunity I was given then.

I have come to a beautiful realization over the past few years, that working with Reiki and my Mediumship skills, so many of us are offered life changing events that I like to call gifts from our Soul. Just like the one I was given, you will be given a nudge at some point in the course of your lifetime as well.

Not necessarily do they come as illness or anything life threatening, but often as gentle whispers from our Soul, or the voice of the Universe as I like to express.

I believe because I was offered a choice between life and death some years ago that it also came with an obligation. A commitment and a responsibility for me to leave this Earth in some way, a better place than when I came.

A commitment that perhaps we all could embrace.

Very early into my personal journey I discovered an organic tool that helped save me from some very intense and emotional times.

This practice has helped me through some really, really tough days. It is a method that I still use now and probably will for the rest of my life.

It is a simple technique, all you need is a mirror.

What do you see when you look in your mirror?

Give this question some thought, because it is such an important one. Looking in the mirror, what we see is what we want to change, but the change must begin on the inside.

Only then will it have an effect on the way that we accept ourselves on the outside.

Part 2 of ‘Mirror Talk’ tomorrow.