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Melancholy Sadness

Melancholy Sadness


We have all felt it, for one reason or another that deep sense of sorrow in our hearts. Sometimes the sadness inside of us takes over everything else, and it is hard to feel anything but utter misery.

Perhaps the feelings are because of a deep and profound loss or simply a troublesome and painful disappointment, in any case, the agony that is lodged inside of our being is real and it has a feeling of rawness about it.

We may feel desperate and isolated and all we can think about is finding a cure for what is allying us, some uncomplicated remedy to take the pain away fast.

There may be nothing easily understood from what is hurting us that feels so deep-rooted. Perceiving the significance of the pain may be difficult to comprehend, which only intensifies what we are experiencing on such an excruciating level.

How do we fathom and become knowably aware of what is happening to us? What can we do to help us overcome such an extreme emotional state?

One word and one solution – SURRENDER! Force yourself into submission and let the will of your Soul guide you through the process of releasing. Yield and give way to the pain. Allow yourself to come face to face with the torment and discomfort of the sadness.

Refusing to take notice or acknowledge what it is your feeling will only make it worse. Suppressing and restraining the anguish will be unhealthy on so many levels. Trying to smother out what you feel will only hinder the process of your inner healing.

You are feeling the way you are because there is something that you must let go off. Working through the method of detaching, removing what you are hanging onto that no longer serves you, is exactly what the pain is trying to teach you.
If we don’t face what it is, and we stuff it away, subsequently we get physically ill and/or it resurfaces at a later time with an amplified degree of intensity. Finding the courage to labour through the mental and physical symptoms you are feeling is important.

Put your faith in your Higher Power, and know that what it is your going through is for a divine purpose. Trust that from the beginning of the pain there is also an end to it as well. This too shall pass!! Perhaps you won’t make immediate sense of what it is all about, let that be ok. As you continue in time towards completing the task of opening yourself up to what your Soul is asking of you, you will find your answers.

There is an old belief, maybe several of them that are waiting to escape, this is the source of the pain. Your Soul is asking you to release and set yourself free of what is holding you back in this life. Your Ego is creating the anguish, because it knows that change is evident.

The more you cling to the old that is dead inside of you, the more you step backwards in your life’s journey, and the more you create unhappiness and disarray inside of you. Don’t hold yourself back from moving towards all that you dream about for yourself.

Let what it is move through you, face the pain, don’t hold onto it, relinquish your entire being to it, so you can empty yourself of what is outdated and no longer part of your truth.

Courage is there for you and so is faith, trust and strength, tap into your inner tool box, everything you need is right there.