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Sometimes when we get so twisted up around someone else’s little finger, we end up getting incredibly caught up and lost in the string of things.

What is manipulation and how do we cut the emotional cords that attach us to the unhealthy stuff in our life?

The solution is not a difficult one, but the work involved is demanding and often times exhausting.

The first step to making any kind of changes in our life, is recognizing the need that you want to take better care of ‘yourself’. Making a commitment to ‘you’ and pledging to honour that dedication will take courage, stamina and faith.

For most of us, making a promise to someone else is so much easier than it is to follow through on a promise to ourself. So this time you have to get serious.

If there are people, circumstances or events in your life that are distorting the truth of who you are, then this is considered manipulation.

To be mislead, exploited and influenced in a way that doesn’t feel good to you, then something or someone in your life is using manipulation to steer you away from seeing the verity of things.

Another means of understanding manipulation is to rely on your intuition. If something doesn’t feel right, then it very likely is not. If you are getting a negative gut feeling, then the certainty of the facts at hand, should not be accepted as the belief or truth.

Our Soul works in accordance with truthfulness, sincerity and honesty. This is why we get those gut feelings in the first place. Little messages and whispers from our Inner Being, to help direct us on our path again if we have venture off in the wrong direction.

Listening to our intuitive doesn’t have to be arduous or burdensome, what gives us the most difficulty is dealing with the truth. Recognizing anywhere in our life that the truth has been hidden is scary. Frightening because that recognition would mean that change is evident.

As human beings we are petrified of anything that we have to make amendments to. What is important to remember is this; if we are in a relationship or situation that we know doesn’t make us feel good or we keep getting those negative intuitive feelings, then ultimately something has to give.

Changing the things we need to in our life is necessary if we want to move forward with the evolution of our Soul. The very purpose in which we are here on this Earth.

Manipulation is often a means in which to keep you right where you are, and it is always because that person or situation is fearful of the very same thing you are, ‘change’.

Be your own hero, if there is something in your life that you need to alter, adjust, modify and revise, then get to it. Be the leader, and if those that are meant to follow, will or they won’t.

If you feel like you have swayed a little to far to the left, then make some changes to get you back on the ‘right’ road to ‘joy rising’.