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Is everything we feel simply a state of our mind? Is loneliness just another human condition? If this is true, is there a way that we can overcome the feelings of lonesomeness?

Loneliness tunnels its way around our physical body and our Ego, before it makes its way to our Soul.

The symptoms of feeling alone can be excruciating. But anything that we experience that is hard, is always for our Higher Good.

All of what we feel on a deep Soul level is allowing us the space to grow.

Sensitive Intuitive people have a very hard time finding others that understand them. If your expectation is to find people who ‘get you’, you will be gravely disappointed. At best you may find one or two others, perhaps as a mentor, a friend or just another human being with a similar path as yours, that you can trust.

The very best you will ever do, is surrender to what you are feeling, as it will allow you to come to an understanding of yourself. As you follow the path of your Soul and embark upon your life’s journey, you will come to discover what it is you want the most for your life. Know it, act on it, live it. Your happiness depends on you.

Being lonely is a good thing. Confronting our habitual and repetitive responses to our Ego rely’s on our ability to be alone.

If we are continually distracting ourselves with the reassurance of others, we won’t’ allow ourselves the space to move with the flow of what we are feeling inside.

The Buddha taught that we must cease to yearn for happiness outside ourselves and begin to trust the potential for nirvana that lies within us. The way out of loneliness is to connecting to loving ourselves more deeply, it is going beyond the ego.

Do not be afraid of the loneliness that you are experiencing. Allow it to awaken you from the place of where you have been asleep. The state of aloneness is part of the process of your Souls growth, trust it, embrace it, and enjoy the seclusion, for it has a lot to teach you.