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Listen to the Whispers

Listen to the Whispers


Let your Soul be your guide.

There is never a need to doubt yourself, not if you are following the messages from the Universe.

Your Soul is your Higher Self, the part of you that knows all the answers.

If something in your life is shifting and major changes are underway, never doubt your decisions if your Intuition is leading the way.

Life is full of mysterious events and syncronicities. Not everything is forever, if it is not where you are meant to be.

Sometimes we don’t have a choice, situations unfold because our Soul begins to nudge at us. It wants to get our attention.

We have veered off our path, there were lessons to be learned. Our Soul knows when the time has come to makes things right once more.

There comes a time when we must again find our true passageway The Universe is on our side, no need to be afraid.

When your Soul begins to speak to you, when you hear that voice in your head, listen carefully. If we follow our journey in this life the way that we chose to do before we came, the rewards are endless.

To follow your gut feelings takes courage and determination.

To act from a place where no one understands, that place from deep within that calls your name. This is what life is about, this life on Earth, to grow, to elevate, to evolve.

So, no, don’t ever doubt when you answer to the whispers, those little messages from your Soul. The time has come for change.

Surrender to your inner knowing and let the Universe be your guide.

Be patient, trust, breathe, smile and most of all love who you are, for where you are right now.