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In The Face of Fear

In The Face of Fear


Fear is the Ego all wrapped up in the devils clothing. Little red horns and a forked skinny tail, the Ego dresses up to get its attitude on.

Who would we be, if we didn’t allow our mind to trap us in fearful thoughts! Fear causes us to panic, to dread, distress, worry, it makes our heart race causing anxiety, we twitch with the shivers and when the horror of our unpleasant emotions really takes a hold, it feels like our world is shrinking and there is no way out.

It really is unfair how our physical body can react in such a decremental way, to something that is only a delusion of our mind. Fear is not real. That is quite a statement and one that can be grossly argued, but it is a true fact.

Everything we fear about is only what our Ego is trying to accomplish. The Ego’s real job is to help us react in dangerous situations. Fight or flight, that rush of adrenaline that runs through our veins when we need to protect ourselves. But the Ego is crafty and it will send false alarms.

It sends messages to our physical body telling us that there is danger ahead, but the danger isn’t some wild and ravenous beast we need to flee from, the falsified reaction that the Ego conjured up is really our Souls need for ‘change’.

If the Ego detects that we are veering off our programmed and meticulously conditioned path of life, it creates a scenario of fear to keep us on course, the Ego’s course. Amazingly there is a healthy way to look fear in the face, one that may be of benefit to you.

When you catch yourself filling up your aura with fearful thoughts and you recognize that your physical body is becoming symptomatic to that fear, pause if you can and take a ‘feel’ at what it is you are really afraid of. There are clues in the emotions that you are feeling when the fear creeps in.

Fear isn’t real, an odd statement I know, because when we are in the thick of fear it seems all too real. The fear is only your Ego, your mind playing you. What is really there for you to pay attention to is what is the cause of the fear.

If you allow yourself to dig really deep into your emotional state, you will find that what is causing you the upset is something deeply rooted that you have outgrown, or at least your Soul recognizes that it is and wants you to release it.

Perhaps next time you find yourself all caught up in fearfulness, take a deep breath and ask yourself ‘what is it I am really feeling’, because if it is fear, it isn’t real.