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Honour and Respect


The two letter word, the one that givers often have a hard time saying, the word that has a lot of power over us, and that word is ‘no’.

A lot of us need to learn how and when to say it – properly!

It is the word we hear a lot when we are children.

No, you can’t have another cookie, no you can’t stay out till 11:00pm, no you can’t have $10.00, the list goes on and on.

People don’t seem to have a problem saying no to us, but why do we have such a problem saying that word to them?

Every time the word ‘no’ tries to touch the outside of our lips we get shaky and sweaty all over.

A little bit like we are being forced into doing something instead of it coming naturally to us, without any pressure.

If my spiritual journey has taught me anything, it is this; in order to truly love and care for others, from a place that is authentic, we must start by being faultless and immaculate with ourselves.

We must give ourselves the highest standard of priority.

Givers are born with a natural instinctive ability to want to sacrifice.

Most often it is their time. It is their biggest complaint; I never have any time to myself!

The best way to take back your ‘time’ is to start saying ‘no’ to the things that don’t resinate with you. Stop doing the stuff that doesn’t make you happy.

It is wonderful to give when it makes you feel good, but giving when it becomes a chore or hard work is not healthy.

Now more than ever we need to be clear about defining what we want and what we don’t want. If you don’t decide someone else will decide for you.

No isn’t a bad word, saying no simply means that right now I am choosing to honour and respect myself.

No doesn’t need to be combative, or snobbish.

It just comes down to you holding your own power. None of us should ever give any of our personal power away, ever!

No, just means that I am reclaiming my right to live each day the way that I want too.

If we let people know about what our needs are, we can establish friendships that help us thrive.

Practice using the word NO, it’s not just about saying it, you have to follow through as well.