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How many times have you asked the Universe (or God) why he allows us pain, illness and suffering? Some of us think that illness happens just by some unlucky chance or because we see it as punishment because we are not a good person.

It is my truth that our mental, emotional and physical symptoms of disease are the result of a spiritual cause. Illnesses have meaning the same way synchronicity does.

Like the messages that synchronicity brings to us, so does our illnesses, they are messages from our Soul which we need to interpret and understand, all we have to do is pay attention.

We treat disease as only relating to the physical body, and there has been a fear created that only drugs and other intervention can help, it is only a temporary fix. Our illnesses have so much to teach us about the lessons we are here to learn.

We must work to be aware of this and deal with those lessons, so we can raise ourself to a higher level of consciousness. Our disease can only be truly healed when the lesson is learned. Our willingness to heal comes from the desire of our Soul. If we are to understand why we get sick we have to stop suppressing our feelings, and begin to heal our inner wounds.

Our ailments are related to or a result of stress, anger, suppressed guilt and resentment. For anyone to evolve, we need to have love, positive energy, understanding and acceptance.

Disease is a result of the conflict between our Soul and our Ego, and the battle will never end until we decide to take responsibility for our lessons and the reason why we are in this life experience.

Therefore no effort directed to the physical body alone can do more than superficially repair damage. Healing that which we suffer from in our internal world, our Soul, can only be done when we are ready and willing to make some major changes in our life.

We must begin to pay attention to all areas of our life when we are in a state of imbalance. Our bodies are merely temporary instruments to be used for the fulfillment of the purposes of our Soul.

Being conscious of the messages our bodies are sending to us is the first step.

This after all is the nature of holistic wellness, being aware and healing our inner suffering so we can make well our physical bodies.