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We carry around a huge tool box with us all the time. It is never heavy and there is always something in it that we can use, at any given time.

The tools never get rusty nor do they ever wear out, they come with a life time guarantee.

These essential devices come with us when we are born, they are given as a gift to us, the very same day that we arrive here on Earth.

These tools belong entirely to us. They are our ‘inner instruments’ to help us build our life. Everything we need to ‘fix’ ourselves is in that precious box.

The problem we face, is these tools don’t come with a manual, they don’t come with any instructions on how to use them at all.

Our job is to slowly, overtime figure out how to put these tools to good use. Carefully and with great precision, choosing the right tool to use for the experience, situation or healing we need to repair, is entirely up to us, we have to figure it out.

As we begin to live our life, tool box intact, we might at some point implement a way of existence, only to find out that the tool we chose to work with, didn’t quite succeed.

The key is not to get discouraged. Life has a way of testing us, over and over again. This being the case, we eventually come to understand that everything we need to heal, or ‘fix’ what has been broken, is inside of us, in that precious tool box.

How much more convenient and brilliant could it be!!! So please don’t get disheartened when life seems to weight you down. Don’t loose your confidence or enthusiasm for all of the beauty that life has to offer you.

Dig deep into your Inner tool box, there is most certainly something in there that you can use to repair what has been damaged.