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Embrace Your Inner Lunatic

Embrace Your Inner Lunatic


Whats wrong with waking up feeling a little whacko now and again!

Heck after all it is a crazed and kooky world we are trying to survive in after all.

Somedays nothing seems to make any sense and anything that does has a flavour of absurdity about it.

People are so quick to judge if we act all flipped out and freaked out, but so what, no-one should be allowed to make how we act any of their business anyway.

A little drop of irrational is good for the Soul, it’s not good to keep all of that lousy stuff bottled up inside.

Coming unglued sometimes is exactly what we need to let loose and release. ‘Breaking down’, some may think it is a dirty word, and statements such as, ’she just lost it’, ‘I think she’s going off the deep end’, heaven forbid if we actually show our emotions in public or in the face of someone else, were we not taught to cry in our bedrooms, or on the bathroom floor with the door locked, how ridiculous.

If there hasn’t been a time when someone else besides yourself has witnessed you blowing a gasket, well it’s time they did, who will be the lucky one? I would consider it an honour myself.

For goodness sakes, our emotional state of mind shouldn’t always have to stick to the societal agenda. Scheduling the perfect time to ‘lose it’ is absurd, having a melt down isn’t something you can book in on your monthly calendar.

If you haven’t had a really good cry lately, or worse if you don’t remember the last time you allowed yourself to express what you are really feeling inside, then it is time to get to work, seriously!

The truth is inner pain can make us feel a little lunatic, the baggage we carry around inside of us is nasty stuff and it can make us painfully unbalanced. Describing life in one word would be to sum it up as ‘bewildering’.

A series of events, challenges and circumstances that continually test our sanity, day after day, that is life. It is silly to even think that we could escape emotionally reacting to some of that which we have experienced. Embrace your inner maniac, let the mad and nutty stuff come out, it is not insane to act all human, especially trying to live on this crazy planet we call Earth.

It isn’t healthy for our physical body to harbour what we painfully cling to, like a life boat drifting out at sea.

We have been taught to ‘keep it all in’, worse advise ever.

Do yourself a favour and cradle your innermost sensitivities so you can give it the love and attention it really needs.

It is not necessary to suffer in silence, emotion expression should be as natural as nature grows in the wild.