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There are many species that roam this Earth. As the saying goes ‘it takes all kinds to make a world’! Man kind, the human race as we call it, comes in all shapes, sizes, colours and languages.

But there is no language that is so quite defined, as that of a Narcissist. At some point in our life, we have come across one of these species.

They are very hard to detect, because each and everyone one of them wear many masks of disguise. They wear suits of armour so camouflaged, they are able to allude the most skillful of man kind.

They are cunning, crafty, devious and sly, all the while skillfully preying on their victims with trickery and deception.

No one ‘see’s’ them coming. Shrewd and clever actors, their illicit charm will have your head spinning and your heart pounding in no time at all.

All the while these villainous, diabolical and hateful people are only acting out a wicked theatrical play to lure you into their web. A network of lies constructed by the narcissist to catch its prey.

Once you are ‘caught’, you will find yourself locked into a very complex, interconnected and very damaging trap. As soon as the evil spell begins to take effect on your mind, the brainwashing begins. The art of persuasion becomes systematic.

The narcissist’s one and only goal is to feed entirely off of your energy. These species are a ravenous breed, always on the prowl and constantly looking for food to fill their enormous Ego’s.

Regardless of your loving, compassionate kindness, they will never change, EVER! The pull of the narcissist can be as strong as a tornado, both have only one goal, to suck everything into their vortex and destroy.

There is only one solution for the innocent victim – GET OUT!!!!!