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Do I Really Care What You Think?

Do I Really Care What You Think?


Do I really care what anyone thinks? That’s a question that I don’t actually think about, not anymore, nor do I waste my precious energy pondering about it, the answer is straight forward – nope, no, never, I don’t care what anyone thinks, because I happen to really and truly love myself enough not to care.

I hope with all of my heart that if you are ever confronted with the question, ‘do I really care what you think’, you will be able to answer with the same response as I do, my hope is that you love yourself enough not to care what another persons opinion of you is, as well.

Even if your spiritual journey hasn’t quite brought you to the place where you can look in the mirror at your reflection and say with conviction ‘I love you’, to yourself, that is ok. It takes time and patience to come to that place of self-love and feel really settled in it.

Humans beings are wired and programmed to judge, that is what the ego does, and that is how it feeds itself. Our egos grow up to be self-loathing, it is only when we are older and wiser that we begin to understand the amount of control our ego’s have on our minds and our lives.

Self-respect, there are so many people that don’t have a clue what that is, a very sad observation indeed. Myself included, I didn’t start to comprehend that such a word even existed until a few years ago, never mind understand what it actually meant.

To have self-respect means that you honour who you are, wherever it is you are on your journey in this life experience. Being able to hold dignity for yourself with confidence and pride, there is no reason why you can’t, you are a divine human being just trying to make the best of it in a crazy messed up world.

With self-respect comes self-esteem, and when you have a healthy Solar Plexus Chakra there is nothing that you can’t do, the world becomes infinite. Next time someone wants to judge you, criticize you, denounce or condemn you for who you are, ask yourself this question, ‘do I really care what they think’?

Check in with your answer, try to keep your ego at bay and listen only to your intuition, what is your Soul trying to tell you? Do you love and resect yourself enough to answer ‘no’, to that question, do you honour yourself enough to not give a damn what anyone else thinks of you?

If you can’t honestly say ‘no’, 100% be good with that, all of us travel at our own pace on our spiritual path, just keep trekking and one day you will love everything about yourself with no hesitation.

If you are able answer ’no, I don’t care what you think’, without a second thought, congratulations you have overcome a huge spiritual hurdle, you have found self-love.