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Create Your Own Shadow, and Walk With It

Create Your Own Shadow, and Walk With It


What is the worse that could happen?

If you decided to break down all of the walls that you have built up around you, what would be your worse fear? Standing naked in the privacy of our own home, is comfortable, but standing naked in the World frightens us to death.

Opening up our Soul and the Spirit of who we are, to expose all of our thoughts, hopes, dreams and desires – that is being naked in the World and is the very reason most people prefer the walls. It is safer to remain a Robot. 

A human droid, following the rules of modern day society. Remaining that machine, the one ultimately capable of carrying out complex functions in an automatic manner. Tasks and mechanical behaviours that we have been programmed to believe is our truth, since our birth.

The foundation of the walls that surround each of us, began to really take there shape at age 7. This tender age of infancy is when the dynamics of our Tribe really started to effect our belief system.

To smash the bricks and mortar that keep us trapped in our programming is a huge undertaking. Smashing everything that we have known to be – how to act, live and breath, must come under fire. With the demolition of each of your walls, there will be a tremendous amount of drama, crisis, intensity, there will be important decisions to be made.

Each brick represents a turning point in your life, and in the life of others. It will be the ‘others’ that will give you the most resistance and disapproval.

They may bring an army in to hold up your walls, a hostile energy that you must face. Stand your ground and ward them off.

Let your mantra be one of strength and inspiration. After all, this is YOUR life and how you choose to live it is YOUR choice.

Don’t be afraid to stand naked in your shadow, but most of all don’t be afraid to walk with the silhouette of who you are, and what represents YOUR truth.

Ann x