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Complete Surrender


I talk a lot about the workings of the Ego.

I have come to recognize, that understanding the difference between our ‘Egotistical thoughts’ and our ‘Soul feelings’ is vital for a healthy living experience. 

Our Ego likes to cling, it will do everything in its power to keep us from making any changes. Have you noticed how much more active your mind is when change is apparent?

Every scenario one could think off, all of a sudden ends up inside of your head. When an opportunity or a chance for change in your life shows up, so does the Ego.

The mind chatter becomes unbearable, you can’t eat, sleep is out of the question and the fear inside of you is growing like an alien has invaded your body.

All of this is your Ego, doing whatever it takes to keep you from moving forward with your life.

Soul feelings are simply those little gut feelings you get when you are trying to decide on something, or maybe ‘someone’.

Our Soul is constantly sending us messages to help us on our path. Not always do we hear those whispers from our Soul, because our Ego has raised its voice to a level so that we can’t hear anything else but ‘it’.

While ever your Ego is charge you will never be at peace. If you allow your Ego to run your life, you will never reach your full potential.

Ego feeds off of fear.

Fear keeps us stuck.

Staying stuck keeps us unhappy.

Our Soul is always with us. Forever nudging us to ‘move’, those feelings are there all the time, but we don’t listen because of trust.

Our Ego took away our trust a long time ago. It ate it up for Sunday dinner. Not in one sitting, did our trust get eaten away, our Ego munched on it over a period of time, but it started to eat when we were very young.

I have come to discover that there is only one way to comprehend and make sense of life, and that is to become proficient in mastering the Ego.

Take back what is rightfully yours, trust what you feel on the inside of you (Soul), and not so much about what is going on in your head (Ego).

Learn the difference, pay attention to what you are hearing in your mind, I can guarantee that it is only stuff to keep you in fear.

There is a ‘free spirit’ inside each and everyone of us, a part of us that is always ready to take that chance on life. Don’t let your Ego spend one more day in charge of whether you should be happy or not.

Trust and ‘completely surrender’, then watch and see how your life unfolds, you will be blown away!!!