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Chronicles of a Friendship

Chronicles of a Friendship


The word friendship has several different meanings, but all of the words that are used to describe a friend are merely the same. They all convey a sense of camaraderie and fellowship, a special closeness that you feel to someone else.

As human beings we begin to seek those of our own kind around the age of seven. Old enough then at that age to know who we like and who we don’t like, and we begin to form bonds with other children. Some of those childhood friendships last into our adulthood and those people stay with us until we or they pass away.

It is instinctual for us as humans to crave bonds with other people, to create lasting friendships. Over the years as we expand emotionally and spiritually from our life experiences, we often out grow our ties to those whom we have had close relationships with in the past.

Parting from people with whom we have loved and admired in earlier times is difficult and often requires a period of mourning. Creating a division between yourself and someone you once shared a bond takes courage and confidence.

If you intuitively know deep inside of you that the Soul contract with the person you need to part ways with is over, then honour your gut feeling and let them go. It does neither of you any good to hang onto one another especially if the perimeters of the friendship have been broken down.

If someone else, whom ever they are have violated your trust, your self-respect or your privacy then those are good reasons for you to move on. It is not to say that your old friend is an unpleasant person, but perhaps one that no longer serves you in your current life experiences. For many of us there comes a time, when we feel we are ready to grow and evolve.

Not everyone develops at the same time or at the same pace. People that we form friendships with come to us as gifts to aide in the evolution of our Soul. These same people are ones that we have shared past life times together with, and will likely share future life times with in some form or another.

Do not feel regretful if you are going in a different direction than someone you care about, it is all part of the Universal plan. Sometimes what once was our Tribe no longer knows how to support us in the way that we need to be supported and so then perhaps it is time to walk forward and progress.

A true and compassionate heart will never judge.