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Some of us can distinguish it almost immediately. At first our intuitive feelers pick up on the dark, negative energy. Then when their eyes look at us, our inner feelings are confirmed. What we first detected is there staring at us, right in our face.

A creepy and enormous black Bull with 2 horrendous horns. A chill runs down our spine as the predicted prophesy glares straight into our pupils. At dead centre we see nothing but the eye of someone who has but only one agenda, they are a bully.

Bullies are manipulators.

They constantly need food for their ravenous Ego’s, luring in unlikely places all the while on the prowl for their next victim. If you look into their eyes and you notice those horns, let your adrenaline lead the way, there is danger ahead. Adult bull’s-eyes can sting like a 1000 bee’s.

Their vision is not only what they see with their eyesight, there visionary mission is to control, oppress, torment and intimidate. They may stop at nothing to achieve what they want, they will harass you for as long as they need to, to feed their preposterous and egotistical minds.

If you know someone with a bull in their eyes pay caution, they may not be the friend you think they are. If you encounter a human that gives your Soul a bad taste, you will feel it. Listen to that sticky, uneasy upset feeling you get deep inside, let this be your clue and your guide.

Not all people are like you, there are some that no nothing about compassion, empathy or pride. Those that are different from you, want what you have – your heart of gold.

The goal of the bull’s-eye is to chip away at the bullion piece by piece, until there is nothing left but a mere dusting of what used to be glimmering treasure.

Preserve and protect the wholeness and beauty of the person you are, hold tight to the truth of what you represent in the world.

Let the bull’s-eye fend for it’s self and let it have no part or access to the treasures within you.