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Believing in the Universe

Believing in the Universe


What do you have to loose? To believe in the Universe, even if it is just for one day.

Let go of the need for control, let go of the way you have lived out your whole life, and choose to allow the Universe to take the reins instead. If you truly give way to your Soul, and push your Ego aside then a force more courageous and more spirituous than you have ever known will lead you to your best life.

A life that you may have not glimpsed at before. Each one of us has something special that we are here to do in this lifetime. Special in a sense that it will make a small (or big) difference in this World we live in. It need not be grandiose, but something as simple as sharing your smile as you go about your day. When you give yourself to your passion, whatever it is that makes your insides sparkle with joy, then you know you that the peace you have been searching for will be yours.

The key is believe in the power of yourself. Believe with all of your heart that anything is possible when you have faith in who you are. Getting to this place of faith may take some time, but that is ok, because living out our dreams often requires a process of patience. First we must begin to build on our self-esteem.

Nurturing all of those that we love around us is a beautiful undertaking indeed. Nurturing ourself does not come as easy, and so this is the challenge. Give to yourself what you gladly and willingly give to others. Once you begin to balance those scales, loving yourself comes easier and without all of the Ego’s nonsense.

When you are cultivating self love, your self-worth begins to vibrate at a much higher level. When the Universe feels that new level of vibration in you, it gets to work. Your Higher Being will begin to assist you on the path of where you so desire to go. It sounds simple doesn’t it? It doesn’t have to be difficult, how arduous it will be will depend on you.

There will be times when the road of this new life gets exhausting, wearisome, strenuous and burdensome, but nothing good comes easy, as we know. If you are up for the challenge, if your life seems to constantly be in the stuck position, then put on your Warrior armer and get to work. Perhaps you are not sure of what it is the Universe wants of you.

Don’t worry, because this is a good place to start. Take a deep breath, and when you let it out simply say ‘I’m ready, and I trust’. Do this a few times until it begins to ‘feel’ right. Deep breathing with a mantra is one of the powerful tools you hold in your inner tool box.

There are many useful tools inside of you, all you have to do is believe that they are there.