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A Fragile Ego Mind

A Fragile Ego Mind


The word fragile has many meanings, and there is no word more that can describe a person with a delicate, weak and tenuous Ego.

Those of whom with inflated Egos can and will be dangerous to a fault.

This kind of person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance balances on an unreliable and shaky foundation, frail and weak the rotting boards that hold them together can begin to crumble at any given moment.

Egotistical people will not fall and tumble at any cost, they grasp tightly to anyone they can use to keep them abiding in their abusive behaviours.

Their firm grip on their victims becomes the life force energy of their destruction. Tools of manipulation, control and negative influence is the mastery of their work, they can emotionally juggle and tamper with a persons Soul in a skillful and cunning manner.

Remorse and regret, compassion and empathy, these ordinary emotional reasonings are devoid in the psyche of fragile Ego person.

Sensitive Intuitive individuals, also known as Empaths, Givers and the like, beware of the unconscious because you are an easy target.

It is important to protect yourself and more importantly educate yourself, understanding the person with a unreliable and manipulative mind will keep you at arms way and out of their path of damage.

A fragile Ego may seem superior, witty and intelligent on the exterior, but what lies behind the mind of this disguise is a supercilious and disdainful person.

A fragile Ego suffers, they self torture each time they have to self inflate, there is no ease to their internal pain.

They no nothing about simple joy or happiness, their world is a constant and habitual rummaging. Searching for food to feed their ravenous Ego’s, they hide behind their masks of disguise, camouflaging and concealing the face of who they really are.

You will never find them scrapping the bottom of garbage pit, they leave that to the people who they use as puppets to get what they want. It is unfortunate that people like this exist on this earth, but they do and there are many.

Consciously become aware of the behaviours of those with a fragile ego mind and don’t allow anyone to rob you of your dignity, grace and Soul.