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Why is Happiness so Difficult?

Why is Happiness so Difficult?


There is only one person responsible for our happiness and only one person that makes it hard for us – that one person is ‘ourself’. Joyfulness resides in our heart.

When the energy centre of our heart is in balance, joy comes to us naturally in abundance. In order to bring our heart centre energy into a steady and even pace, we must rely on our Souls evolution.

Our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies are all connected to the energy that resides within us. If there is a place in our physical body where the energy gets stuck, then it creates an imbalance and lots of things can go wrong.

If you aren’t feeling good in all of those energy centres, if the scales of life are heavier on one side of the spectrum than the other, then something needs to change. The most important remedy is very simple, probably the time has come now for you to take better care of yourself. It sounds so simple, but as simple as it sounds, it actually is not.

There are so many people that just don’t know what it means to take care of ‘themselves’. Those people, the ones that feel their best when they are giving, are the ones that need to learn how to replenish their own Souls the most.

There is a lot of talk about ‘balancing’ our life, and as hard as we may try sometimes, the scales just never seem to tip in our favour. Symmetry, is a beautiful word when it works. When the conditions of our life, when all of the elements of our day to day living are equal or in correct proportions to what we give and what we allow ourself, then we have symmetry. 

Let me ask you this – what if your current way of living your life was taking more from you than you had to give, what if there was a chance that you could get a glimpse of the future, and that vital pre information allowed you to see that if you didn’t begin to balance your life a little more, you would get sick, what would you do?

Would a premonition of your future be enough for you to want to make some very important changes now? Balance, such a simple word, but there is no simplicity to the work involved in its result. Nothing good for us is ever easy, but we must labour hard to keep our heart centre happy and joyful.

Begin to recognize where in your life you need to take better care of ‘you’, and make some healthy changes. It isn’t as scary as you think it is. I promise.