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Where Does Anger Come From?

Where Does Anger Come From?


Anger brews on the surface waiting to be punctured, but it has a way of settling deep down inside of our bellies as well, sticking to our insides for years and years.

In either case, the anger we carry around with us can be like a time bomb waiting to go off. Hostility is known to be the cause of many an illness, it rests inside of us hiding like a big black spider in a dark and mouldy hole.

Strong feelings of annoyance constantly leave a bad and vulgar taste in our mouth. Our irritation of frustration can quickly cause a rash, a flared red and fiery aggravation that makes scratching an easy trigger for a fury of rage.

Where does our anger come from, and why do we hold onto to it like a treasured piece of jewelry? Growing up we weren’t properly taught how to deal with our anger and frustration.

When we were annoyed what words did we hear from our parents, relatives and teachers? ‘Don’t cry, don’t get angry, you will get over it, just move on, it is all your fault, if you weren’t so disobedient’, this is the stuff that was rammed down our throat time and time again.

No wonder when we become adults we carry around so much ‘baggage’. An internal suitcase that is with us constantly and one that is full of negative, gloomy, dangerous rejection.

A recipe for disaster waiting to happen, a rash that worsens over time and makes us scratch until we are at the brink of insanity.

As kids we didn’t know the difference, our elders held the word of God, or so we are taught, ‘respect your elders’, isn’t that what we heard?

Temper tantrums were frowned upon and treated like we had caused a catastrophic disaster, our relatives couldn’t stand the embarrassment, ‘what would people think’, was ringing in their ears.

No one paid any attention to why we were so upset, instead we were rushed to sit in the corner to be with our thoughts.

Tears would stream down our little faces, and all we could think about was why no one wanted to just listen to what we had to say. Anger can destroy the weak and it can eat away at the strong.

Carrying around that cynical suitcase and protecting it like a million dollar diamond ring could very well become your demise.

Don’t allow your anger to be the downfall of who you are, it isn’t worth it, not at all.