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What is Loneliness?

What is Loneliness?


There are two ways in which to feel lonely and neither one of them is the truth.

Our Ego’s take on loneliness is the most pathetic. It traps and encapsulates us with in a state of self pity, all the while attacking our self-esteem.

Our Ego is the hungry conscious thinking part of us that thrives on self-importance and self-image. It is responsible for so many negative physical symptoms, as it plays with the part of us that is so fragile – how we view ourselves as a whole.

We pay the price with anxiety or anxiousness, stomach issues, headaches and allergies, all of these are symptomatic of our Ego thoughts. When our Ego ceases an opportunity to beat us down, it will use loneliness, as it seems to be a wonderful excuse to put us in a negative state. When the Ego talks to us, it is a voice that is hard to ignore.

Once it closes in and has our attention, unless you are armed, there is no stopping the drama. The Ego’s dialogue is usually distasteful and obnoxious, drawing us into a condition of sorrow, gloom, misery and perhaps anger as well.
Our Soul’s take on loneliness is completely different from the Ego’s. Our Soul has no interest in making us feel unhappy or the like.

Our Soul has nothing more for us, than an ever-ending source of compassion, love and gratitude. Unlike the Ego, the Spirit of who we are does not need recognition, validity or identification.

The embodiment and essence that resides within us represents the true nature and the immaterial part of who we are. It does not require feeding, like our hungry and ravenous Ego.

Our Spirit never lets us down and is an abundance of support, encouragement, friendship, strength, comfort and love.
At times it may seem like you are standing alone in this World, if it is your Ego talking to you, then perhaps it will convince you of such. But rest be sured if you are connecting to the soft and subtle voice of your Soul, you will never feel alone.