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Valuable Questions

Valuable Questions


Our Souls work is our most supreme assignment while we are alive in this World. It is not for the faint of heart, nor does it stand for any impatience. Getting down to the business of why we decided to come into this life experience in the first place, will only come when the Universe sees that you are ready.

If an agreement isn’t made voluntarily by you, then a power greater than yourself will step in. Perhaps you have a health scare, or something fundamental changes in your life, a catastrophic event takes place or you get such a restlessness in your stomach that you can not ignore what it is trying to tell you.

You see, all of what happens to us in our life is part of an equation and ultimately what aides us in the evolution of our Soul. There is no bad that happens, for even the dreadful I say is for the supreme Higher Good of our Soul. Soul work is a process, an unfolding course of action, involving many stepping stones.

Each stone represents a development of growth within us. Some of these stones will only be pebbles, making it easy to overcome and let go, but there will be others that make the road to your enlightenment a little more difficult, boulders bigger than mountains will need to be climbed. Each step you take, the work gets easier and easier, the wisdom you gain along your way allows you to tap into your inner tool box making the adjustments a little more manageable.

Then one day, suddenly like the snap of your fingers, whatever it is you needed to release, is gone. A time to rejoice in your new found freedom awaits you. All along the way to this great achievement you have made changes in your life, now is the time to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Be careful though, the Universe will test you.

A final exam to see and show you how rooted and grounded you are in your new evolution. A pebble will be thrown in front of you, keep your eyes wide open to the message that this gem is offering you. Then ask yourself these questions; am I still angry? Am I still resentful? Is any part of me still stuck? Am I ready to move forward now? 

The Universe will be listening and knows when we lie, receive the answers to your questions from your Soul, this is where you will find your truth. From the place inside of you that you can always trust.